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There's nothing more transporting than a room whose foundation is the bottom of the sea. Michael Gross samples the aquatic life. 

I needed a clear blue break, and it looked as if cabana No. 55 at 9 Beaches, a new resort on Bermuda, might be it. Occupying what is arguably the best position of any hotel room on the island—at the very far end of a wooden pier that feeds six cabanas—it stood almost by itself, facing due west over a narrow, quiet channel between Daniel's Head, a crab-shaped peninsula at Bermuda's westernmost point, and tiny, uninhabited Daniel's Island. From its terrace, I had to crane my neck to see the neighboring cabanas. Fish darted in the shallows below. I felt like a ship at sea, anchored in my own private paradise of water.

My pulse has always quickened when I see photos of resorts in Tahiti and the Maldives, where rooms sitting on stilts over blue lagoons promise Robinson Crusoe-style solitude and five-star solicitude. When I heard that 9 Beaches was offering such cabanas much closer to home—Bermuda is only a two-hour flight from New York—I figured it was my time for a similar experience. No. 55 wasn't the sybaritic teak-and-mahogany haven of my fantasies, but it was close enough: not just near the water but suspended right over it, a tent-cabin hybrid, vinyl and canvas on an aluminum frame, with a Plexiglas fish-viewing panel set into the floor.

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A gift for Sunny from Willow Tree...

Angel of Summer  

Found another cute one from Most Sincerely...

Love One Another

DEMDACO Willow Tree: http://www.demdaco.com/willowtree.aspx
DEMDACO Most Sincerely: http://www.demdaco.com/Claire.aspx

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禮拜六下午和爸媽去參觀 Pulte 在 Altura 的 model home
因為它的 floor plan 與 Anchorage 類似.
去看看,所以我們可以有個 idea 以後 Anchorage 會是如何.
看完 model home,們覺得還是 Plan 4 比較好.

之後去Fremont Automall 的 Mercedes-Benz 和 Lexus dealer 看車
Mercedes-Benz 的車外型比較流線型,但 maintenance fee 很貴...
Lexus LS460 是 2007年的 World Car of the Year!
它不需要 key 就可以發動,甚至還有 auto parking 的功能~~
LS460 超酷的! 只是它的價錢也很"酷"... @__@
我和 Sally 也得幫忙付...一人付15...
啊~~我的債...怎麼永遠都還不完... x___x
心中滿是不... Goodbye, my dear~
Thanks for companioning me in the past 7 years! 
I guess I will still see you around, right?

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2549 Santa Clara Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501
Daily: 5:00PM-10:00PM
Mon-Sat: 11:30AM-2:30PM
Tel: (510) 521-9121

We are going to this Japanese Restaurant - Kimakura at Alameda next Friday.
Hope the food is good.  

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灰色方稜的 天空之下
今天也被萬千欲望 深深掩埋
在其中 也不迷失光芒
能夠前進 向前邁出步伐 因為你常伴左右

在這街道的角落 沒有污點的東西
拖著精疲力盡的身軀 沉入深眠的你
我只是 摒著聲息 注視著
全世界唯有一人 那只有我知道的
毫無防備而讓我愛戀的 側臉

理所當然似的 陽光傾注下來
溫柔的風 搖晃著 那是某一天的事情
在我心中有些東西 悄悄地強烈地
確確實實正改變著 而我獨自一人體會著

雖然我並不悲傷 但眼淚卻奪眶而出
是因你的愛慕 會刺痛我一般
把我心中深處的 傷痕浸透
然後 把它轉為溫柔

若是 你與深深的 悲傷 相遇
你也能讓我 分擔一些就好了
若是為了你的微笑 我願付出一切

******************** 日文歌詞 ********************

灰色の四角い 空の下を今日も
あらゆる欲望が 埋め尽くす
その中で光を 見失わず 前を

この街の片隅にも 汚れのない
ものが残っている事 教えてくれるから
疲れ果てた体で 眠りについた君を
僕は息をひそめて 見ていた
世界中でただひとり 僕だけが知っている
無防備で愛しい 横顔

当たり前のように 陽射しが降り注ぎ
僕の中で 何かが そっと強く 

悲しくなんかないのに 涙がこぼれたのは
君の思いが 痛いくらいに
僕の胸の奥の キズ跡に染み込んで
優しさに 変えたくれたから

もしも 君が深い 悲しみに 出会ったら
僕にも わけてくれるといいな
その笑顔のためなら なんだって出来るだろう
僕の大切な 宝物

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Analysts still are looking for a relatively mild downturn - but in some areas, things will get worse before they get better.

April 13, 2007

Major real estate forecasters are looking for prices to bounce along the bottom this year and next and fully recover by 2009.

"Once the correction from the boom works through, we'll see slow, steady growth," says Celia Chen, Economy.com's director of housing economics, who expects annual price gains of between 2 percent and 4 percent by 2009.

And on Wednesday, the National Association of Realtors said it expects its measure of home prices to fall this year for the first time since the group began tracking sales nearly 40 years ago.

Overall, her firm is predicting that the downturn that started in late 2005 will end up pushing median home prices down 8.7 percent nationwide by the time it ends in early 2008. The nationwide figures, of course, mask a great deal of local variation.

Regions that saw the greatest price appreciation (and speculation) during the boom, such as Florida, Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Diego, are now taking the hardest hit - and will continue to do so until all the air is out of the bubble.

While Fiserv is forecasting flat prices nationwide over the next 12 months, the firm expects price drops of as much as 9 percent in half of the 50 biggest markets. Home prices in Las Vegas, down 5 percent over the past 12 months, may fall another 9 percent in the next year.

Miami real estate could see a similar slump. The housing market will also struggle in nonbubbly rust belt states such as Michigan and Ohio, chiefly because of the ongoing loss of manufacturing jobs.

But in parts of the South and West - especially areas that never enjoyed double-digit annual price gains - homes continue to appreciate.

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I like 3D puzzles, espcially wooden...
Because of my passion to architecture so I think 3D wooden puzzles are good for home decoration.
I have bought BC Bone's Eiffel Tower and London Tower Bridge 3D wooden puzzle.
I was wondering if they have Taipei 101 or other cool architectural buildings/landmarks so I went to search.
Unfortunately their online store is closed for maintenance...
But I found another 3D wooden puzzle maker - Matchitecture. 
Matchitecture's products seem more complicated than BC Bones.
You have assembled beam-by-beam. It will take longer time to build it.
If I have a lot of time, maybe I will try Matchitecture's products.
Now I will prefer buying BC Bone's so I can finish one in couple hours.

I found another cool 3D puzzle made by Hasbro - Dubai's Burj Al Arab.
Hope they will have wooden puzzle later on.
Then I will defintely get one. 

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SOS與蘇丹餐廳 SOS & Sultan Restaurant

位於歌雷梅市中心的SOS & Sultan Restaurant,餐廳外設置的半露天座位是天氣晴朗時最舒適的用餐地點,這裡的餐點也值得推薦,因為就連幫在地一日遊行程準備的餐點也相當美味。來此,你可以品嚐當地著名的特色菜「Tisti Kebabi」,這是一種將肉類和蔬菜放入陶瓶烘烤的佳餚,據說這道菜的誕生是因為附近專門生產陶器的阿凡諾斯(Avanos)難免出現品質較差的陶器,在直接丟棄可惜的情況下,用來當作烹調用具不失為好方法。而享用這道料理的另一個賣點,是侍者將點火的料理端到你面前時,再以小槌子敲開陶罐的「儀式」,這項表演深受遊客喜愛。


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艾菲斯Efes 最具代表性的地中海文明遺址


遺址目前分為南、北兩個入口,北邊是昔日港口的所在地,從這裡可以看到散落著精美雕刻石棺的墓園。右手邊占地110平方公尺的市場曾是艾菲斯的商業核心,接下來通往上艾菲斯的塞勒特斯路(Curtes Way)上,可以看到西元一世紀時的男子沖水公廁,以及裝飾著梅杜莎人頭雕像的哈德良神殿(Temple of Hadrian),提醒人門遠離邪惡誘惑的它拱頂壁面裝飾著艾菲斯建國傳說的淺浮雕,對面的階梯屋(Terraced House)裡依稀可以辨認出牆上的壁畫與地上美麗的馬賽克鑲嵌,之後剩下的遺址除了音樂廳(Odeum)與赫克力士之門(Gate of Hercules)外,幾乎都殘破不已。 

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Pulte Homes is excited to be a part of the revitalized Richmond shoreline, proposing Anchorage at Marina Bay, a sophisticated new 207 town home community featuring 2 and 3 bedroom floor plans and attached 2-car garages. With maintenance free living in a unique bay side setting, Anchorage at Marina Bay has something for every lifestyle. Whether it’s taking advantage of the shoreline park and the bay trail, or catching a breathtaking sunset over San Francisco in the distance, the possibilities are endless. 

The Anchorage at Marina Bay

981 Marina Bay Parkway
Richmond, CA 94565

Opening March 17th!
Phone: 510-620-0179

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【2007/04/06 聯合報】

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1. 遲到。上司覺得你根本不在乎工作。

2. 缺乏自主。自己能解決的問題不要問上司,不要老煩上司。

3. 自作主張。該做的沒做好。

4. 發牢騷。沒有建設性,上司耳根不得清靜。

5. 扯後腿。會議發言搶了主管的鋒頭,或者公開吐嘈。

6. 漠不關心。上司也是人,你的無所謂態度會惹惱他們。

7. 想成為死黨。上司雖然喜歡你,但也怕你會拒絕接受指令。

8. 鬼扯。最大的侮辱是,你以為上司會相信你鬼扯。

9. 裝可愛。上司不是你的老媽子,對這些也沒興趣。

10. 上司花時間精力罩你,你還想取而代之,不可原諒。

【2007/04/03 Upaper】

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