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Ten of Swords - Reversed

Ten of Swords - Reversed

In the Past position
A card in the left position indicates what has happened to affect your question in the past.

Meaning: Short-term gains. Fallacy. Merger gain. Overconfidence. Poor research. Brief respite. Mirage. Gullibility.

Two of Swords

Two of Swords

In the Present position
A card in the middle position indicates what is affecting your question at this time.

Meaning: Armed peace. Uncertainty. Limited information. Impasse. Blind judgment. Sensing. Frail alliance but with potential. Invitation to friendship, collaboration, or union, but not being met halfway. Questioning whether friend or foe. Dual nature. Energized by a not yet decided situation, relationship, or path venturing into the unknown. Having to proceed while in the dark, using intuition or caution. Self-reliance. Having to make a blind choice to break a stalemate.

Six of Wands

Six of Wands

In the Future position
A card in the right position indicates your questions future.

Meaning: Acknowledgement of accomplishments. Victory parade. Accolades, admirers, and gratitude. Respect of one's peers. Contributing ideas to a group project or cause. Leadership and established reputation. Good standing. Recognized authority. Having the confidence of the community. A success being more than one had hoped for. A sense of satisfaction. An original, daring thought brings victory. Honours.

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How many times have you become frustrated with your significant other? You feel like they just don't understand you. You feel like you don't connect anymore. There is no passion and fire left in your relationship.
Do you long to feel that passion again? Here are seven simple ways to put the fire back in your relationship -- and keep it there:

1. Don't forget date night.
It's been said a thousand times, but it's true. Couples who forget to go out on dates tend to treat each other like furniture in the house. You need to have a date together every week. Get dressed up for each other. Go out to a restaurant, a ballgame, or just take a walk together. It doesn't matter where you go as long as you do something different from your usual activities. When you're on your dates, treat each other the way you did when you first started dating.

2. Give a proper greeting.
When your significant other comes home at night, meet them at the door and give them a big kiss. Don't just yell, "Hey, how ya doing?" from another room. If you are the one coming in the door, go to wherever your partner is in the house and give them a big kiss. Little gestures like this go a long way.

3. Keep on kissing.
When you wake up in the morning, make sure you kiss your partner. Forget about morning breath. Who cares? We're talking about showing love from the very first minute of the day. This brings me to the second part of this: Before you go to bed at night, make sure you are connected with your significant other and kiss them goodnight. You should always feel love and nurturing before you go to sleep. Too many couples get into bed -- each person on their side of the bed -- and fall asleep without bothering to kiss each other goodnight.

4. Break the routine.
A big part of keeping the fire burning in a relationship is stirring up the daily routine. One of the best ways to do this is to set a romantic mood. Light candles. If it's a night you normally watch TV, why not light candles throughout the entire house? Do anything that's out of your normal routine.

5. Send a "no special reason" message.
Send your significant other little notes in the middle of the day, just telling them that you love them or that you're thinking about them. With email and texting, this is so simple yet so powerful. You can even leave a quick voicemail. That one "I love you" message will make your partner feel happier.

6. Leave a surprise note.
Everyone loves a surprise, so try placing a handwritten note in their bag or briefcase. If you leave early for work, leave a card saying, "I'll be thinking of you all day long" or "I really love the way you and I are together." Write something simple but beautiful. Share something to remind your mate of great times together.
7. Be there even when you're apart. If you travel for business or other reasons, leave a sweet note for your partner before you leave. Even better, leave a series of notes for them to find and read on each day that you will be away. If your significant other is the one who travels, slip a card into their suitcase and follow up with some romantic texts while they are gone. This lets them know you are thinking about them. Keeping each other in your thoughts is one of the most important parts of keeping the fire burning.

By dating coach David Wygant

from: Yahoo

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About 10 years ago I was having my annual holiday party, and my niece had come with her newly minted M.B.A. boyfriend. As he looked around the room, he noted that my employees seemed happy. I told him that I thought they were.

Then, figuring I would take his new degree for a test drive, I asked him how he thought I did that. "I'm sure you treat them well," he replied.

"That's half of it," I said. "Do you know what the other half is?"

He didn't have the answer, and neither have the many other people that I have told this story. So what is the answer? I fired the unhappy people. People usually laugh at this point. I wish I were kidding.

I'm not. I have learned the long, hard and frustrating way that as a manager you cannot make everyone happy. You can try, you can listen, you can solve some problems, you can try some more. Good management requires training, counseling and patience, but there comes a point when you are robbing the business of precious time and energy.

Don't get me wrong. This doesn't happen a lot. There's no joy in the act of firing someone. And it's not always the employee's fault — there are many bad bosses out there. Bad management can make a good employee dysfunctional. On the other hand, good management will not always make a dysfunctional employee good. And sometimes people who would be great employees somewhere else just don't fit your company, whether it is the type of business or the company culture.

In the worst cases, the problem of a bad fit can have a bigger impact than just one employee's performance. Being in charge does not necessarily mean you are in control, and being in control does not necessarily mean being in charge. Have you ever seen a company or department paralyzed by someone who is unhappy and wants to take hostages? It is remarkable how much damage one person can do. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you watch "The Caine Mutiny." Basically, one guy takes apart the ship. He was unhappy. It only takes one.

This is only my opinion. I don't have a Ph.D., an M.B.A., or even an economics degree. What I do have is a happy company. And that makes me happy. Now I know some people argue that business is about making money, and not everyone has to be happy. That is also an opinion. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion. When you own a company, you also have the right to surround yourself with the people you choose.

I have spent the last year and a half focusing on cutting costs, figuring out how the market has changed, and worrying about the economy. Things seem to be getting better, or perhaps I am just getting used to it.

Either way, I had a good day today. Not because I got a big order, great financial reports or even an employee stopping by to tell me what an awesome boss I am. (That generally doesn't happen. You have to tell yourself. It's a boss thing.) I had a great day because I spent most of it walking around the company and appreciating the fact that even after a year and a half of soft sales and cutbacks and furloughs, I have wonderful people working for me. They care. They are committed. They understand the whole customer–staff–company triangle, where all of the legs support each other.

If you read books on great companies, they usually leave out a dirty little secret. It doesn't make for good public relations — like talking about how you "empower people" or how your "greatest assets" are your people. Both of these well–worn clichés are true. What is also true is that it's hard to build a great company with the wrong people.

When you have the right people, business is much easier. I know because I have tried it both ways.

Jay Goltz owns five small businesses in Chicago.

from: The New York Times

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ha...原來是忙著上課和談戀愛去了~ :P

2/25新聞發佈Sunny 5月要結婚的消息
No wonder 上次怎麼找都找不到… @@
What does that mean?
是要我5月再去一次嗎? ^^;
除非Sunny同意我們可以去參加wedding ceremony

Spring 2010 我在上 Introduction to Construction Documents
This is a very useful class!
我已經想學這個很久了~~ ^^
雖然HW & reading 很多,壓力很大...
but I still enjoy learning!!
這星期開始是6th week 

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第三種則是台灣目前的狀態。美國知名心理醫師克利絲汀(Kenneth W. Christian)稱之為「低成就趨勢」(Underachievement)。

克利絲汀在其著作——《這輩子,只能這樣嗎?》(Your Own Worst Enemy)中提及,一九七○年代所定義的「低成就」,普遍指學生在學習上的表現低於能力範圍;但到二十一世紀,「低成就」現象已經擴大到個人心理層面的自我設限,包含幾個特徵:容易放棄、猶豫不決、缺乏計畫和執行力、做事拖拉、凡事力求簡化、害怕失敗等。





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【2010/03/08 聯合報】

ihergo合購團購力量大 - http://www.ihergo.com/

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Getting Free Goodies

Birthday goodies from restaurants and retailers abound, even in a tough economy, and they’re not just for kids.

There’s plenty of free food, free stuff and great deals for adults and kids on their special days, though, like senior discounts at restaurants, you may have to ask for them wherever you go.

We’re not saying you should pretend it’s your birthday to take advantage of these deals, but if it really is your birthday, here are some ways to celebrate for free or on the cheap.

Black Angus

Unless you’re a vegetarian or allergic to beef, you can’t go wrong with a free steak dinner at Black Angus for your birthday. The deal is good for the two weeks before and the two weeks after your birthday. It is for dine-in orders only, and you’ll have to show identification. You can use the deal at any U.S. Black Angus or Cattle Company Steakhouse location.

Age limit: 16 or older.

Red Robin

Red Robin patrons who join the restaurant chain’s eClub get a free gift for signing up as well as a free birthday burger (in addition to regular e-mail newsletters). When you register, you’ll have to fill out a survey asking what you order most often at the restaurant, when you go there, who you tend to go with and how often you go.

Age limit: None


What’s a birthday without ice cream? Thankfully, ice cream chain Coldstone understands the importance of this frozen treat on birthdays, so you can get “the sweetest birthday possible,” according to the company.

You’ll have to create an account on the company’s Web site and sign up to receive other promotions.

Age limit: None

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is another chain of ice cream shops with a birthday club. It entitles members to a free 2.5-ounce scoop of ice cream and discount on a birthday cake, that is, if you’re in charge of buying your own cake.

You’ll have to create an account at baskinrobbins.com, but you can opt out of e-mail newsletters and other offers unrelated to your free birthday ice cream and cake deal.

Age limit: None

TGI Friday’s

Free food at Friday’s may vary depending on your location, but some patrons of this restaurant chain have reported getting a free appetizer and a free dessert on their special day. Call ahead or ask your server what goodies you can get, and if they won’t give you free food, at least you’re likely to get a free birthday song out of it. If you’re 21 or over, you can get a “Give Me More Stripes” rewards card, which entitles you to a free appetizer or dessert once you join, an $8 coupon for free food for every $100 you spend and other benefits.

Age limit: None for the birthday deal.

Red Lobster

Red Lobster promises a birthday surprise for those who join its Fresh Catch Club. You’ll also be entered to win a trip to “one of the world's great seafood destinations” or another seafood-related gift.

Age limit: none

from: Mainstreet.com

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精品跨界旅館業,蔚為風氣,Moschino 的精品旅館(Maison Moschino)於3月1日正式熱鬧開幕,Moschino為暖場,旗下副牌Cheap & Chic服裝發表會特別選在Maison Moschino登場。

原訂在去年開幕Moschino精品旅館,延至現在才正式開幕,地點在米蘭的Viale Monte Grappa 12號,是以新古典主義風格老火車站改建,雖然開幕是以副牌Cheap & Chic服裝秀登場,但收費可一點也不Cheap,住一晚要價270歐元(約13,000元台幣)。




Cheap & Chip服裝秀上,邀請英國流行歌手Pixie Lott及Asia Argento擔任客座DJ現場演出,住在旅館內的VIP房客,甚至可以從房間內向下俯看服裝秀和時尚DJ秀。

執行長Simone Badioli指出,這家旅館反映Moschino的品牌精神,時尚是一種生活態度。下一個令人矚目的精品旅館亞曼尼度假飯店,預計3月中旬於杜拜塔隆重開幕,號稱七星級飯店的水準。


【2010/03/03 聯合報】

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【2010/03/03 中央社】

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股神巴菲特其實已經告訴我們一個不錯的方法,也就是該國股市總市值(Total Market Capitalization,TMC)和國民生產毛額(Gross National Product,GNP)的比值。由於國民生產毛額(Gross Domestic Product,GDP)資料比較容易取得,而GDP與GNP兩者差距並不大,因此大多數人使用這個指標時,都以GDP進行計算。


巴菲特說:「如果股市總市值與GNP的比值落在七○至八○%之間,進場購買股票可能會很有利。」二○○八年十月,巴菲特在投資人最恐懼的時刻,大喊「買進美國」(Buy American),就是根據這個指標。

















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